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Reversible Handover in a Medical Emergency – Expert

Reversible Handover in a Medical Emergency - Expert
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Ashutosh Vats, A final year MBBS student who completed a crash course on Reversible Handover in a Medical Emergency – Expert. He said this course is a must-do for any individual above the age of 13, to understand handling major life-threatening medical emergencies which commonly occurs at your Home, Office, Roadside and any other place with you or your loved ones and even with any unknown person who you want to help.Through this course everyone will learn, how to Handover a patient safely in the hands of proper medical support or you can say you will learn, how to get expert in managing a medical emergency situation during the waiting period of getting medical support such as a Doctor, ambulance, etc. and that too in such a way that the Doctor can reverse the patient’s condition rather than losing life due to ‘no’ or ‘wrong’ steps followed before reaching them.
We wish Ashutosh Vats to succeed and continue to spread health related awareness in our society.

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