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Prankster Suriya – A Popular Content Creator and YouTube Star

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Every talent is valuable, and in the past few years, we have seen many young artists and influencers winning people’s hearts. Thanks to the internet and digital platforms, it helped many people showcase their creativity and talents, whether it is related to fashion, music, design, small business, or even acting. Prankster Suriya is one such content creator who has left the masses impressed with his work for the last five years.

Prankster Suriya is a funny, confident, open-minded and stunning boy who aims to keep growing high and high over. He started his career as a digital content creator and prank videos, all by himself and his mother from scratch. From running a YouTube channel to sharing videos on Instagram and Facebook, people started noticing his talent and made him popular on the internet.

Thanks to all the hard work, his unique and humorous videos and amazing content, Prankster Suriya is the only one who had not got to be a part of any support. Prankster Suriya describes it as one of the most memorable work journeys of his career so far. Currently, Prankster Suriya is preparing to start prank videos in other languages like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam . It will provide a good laughter dose for the viewers.

Bit by bit, Prankster Suriya understood that digital creation was the best career path for him and he actively worked towards booming the required skill sets and work experiences to be considered a professional. Although, this career option was so off beat especially since he used to work with his mother.

About his career as a digital content creator and comedian, Suriya shares, “I always knew that I want to be a part of the creative field. I started with prank videos, and today, I’ve nearly 700k subscribers on youtube. It’s an unexplainable feeling, and I am grateful to everyone who has supported me since the beginning and those who always motivate me with their sweet words of appreciation.”

Talking about his personal life, Prankster Suriya is only 21 years old now. He was born on 05 January 2001 in Chennai. His father Renugopal & mother Kanagavalli felt proud to his son for their hard work and to show their abilities in a particular field. Comedy is not only about being humorous or funny, but it is also about the people who know how to make others happy and how to choose happy endings. Because comedy is the best thing that helps to relieve and survive all the struggles.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@Prankster_Suriya

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prankster_surya_official