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The Visionary Millionaire Guide of the Crypto World

Pranshu Gupta, Dr. Pranshu Gupta,
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A fan of stimulating stories that makes you think, as seen from his attention-grabbing videos on his YouTube channel, ‘Dr. Pranshu Gupta’.

He is so much more than a Youtuber for the Crypto world. The presence and knowledge this man brings to a room regarding cryptocurrency are his years of effort, hard work, and learning, which will always encourage his audience.

Dr. Pranshu Gupta is a certified Blockchain and Ethereum expert by the Blockchain Council and is a well-known and tremendous Keyline Public Speaker who has trained more than 10k + people. He has conducted various training sessions as the National Blockchain Awareness Trainer through the medium of Live Zoom Training sessions and Summits about Cryptocurrency Tech Opportunities, Future Prospects, Market Propositions, Value Addition, and Creation. His public speaking skills have led him to accompany more than 50+ Crypto Events in India in guiding the population, the crypto generation regarding the Crypto Defi Space.

Mr. Pranshu’s accomplishments don’t stop here, he has ensured to use his knowledge and his interests wisely. He actively participated in numerous meta projects as the Meta Creative Strategic Professional and directed the team in designing the blueprint for their ecosystem. Another feather to the wing is his involvement in the Research and Development department of vast crypto assets which helped him in being identified as a role model for many and landed him the role of a strategic partner for corporations in the Crypto Space.

Now, coming to the part that our readers are the most curious about that is which subject is it in which he completed his Doctorate and became Dr. Pranshu Gupta? The mastermind for his perseverance, awareness, and experience has been rewarded with an Honorary Doctorate in Blockchain Technologies Management by the N.A.U and NIER, India.

This part of the introduction is enough to demonstrate his credibility and specialization in the field and showcase to the world why he is the man of the hour for the Cryptocurrency World.