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Suresh Maan Films releases first Hindi DJ song Peele Na Mere Yar

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Suresh Maan Films, a Haryana based music production house, has released its fourth song, “Peele Na Mere Yar,” today, 23rd March. This marks their first-ever Hindi DJ song, and the song is now available on all music streaming platforms and YouTube.

The song has been written by Suresh Maan Dwarka, who also happens to be the producer of the song. The music for the song has been composed by Sanjay Sharma, and the vocals have been lent by Umesh Verma. The upbeat tune and catchy lyrics make it a perfect party song.

Lead actor Suresh Maan and Naina feature in the music video, which is full of vibrant colors and energetic dance moves. The music video is a perfect complement to the lively vibe of the song.

Suresh Maan Films has been producing music, video songs, Haryanvi songs, and Hindi songs since October 2022. The production house is situated in District Bhiwani, Haryana. The success of their previous releases has set high expectations for “Peele Na Mere Yar,” and the production house is confident that the song will be a hit.

The release of “Peele Na Mere Yar” has been a significant milestone for Suresh Maan Films, and the production house is looking forward to bringing more exciting songs to the music industry. The upbeat tune and catchy lyrics of the song are sure to get the party started and make it a hit among the music lovers.

Song Link: https://youtu.be/zY-qWV_gggY