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Meet Vivek & Akhand, Who Started Real Money Ludo in India.

Vivek Tyagi, Akhand Singh, Ludo Money,
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Ludo is one of the most favorite game in India & when it comes to earn money while playing ludo then comes in picture the big giant “Ludo Money”. Here we will tell you how real money Ludo evolve in India with the launch of Ludo Money.

In 2018, Vivek Tyagi & Akhand Singh who were IT professionals thought of one of the most addictive game Ludo Money & started their company Boring Games Pvt Ltd, headquartered at Noida.

Ludo Money provides its users a platform to play ludo against each other & winner gets the winning amount instantly. Ludo Money is India’s First & Oldest Real money Ludo game.

Ludo Money can be downloaded from their official website www.ludomoney.com , however there are other games also who are using the name similar to Ludo Money & fooling people. So if you want to play Ludo Money then always download from company’s official website www.ludomoney.com & here is the logo of original Ludo Money.

When asked to Company’s Directors, Vivek & Akhand : They said Ludo Money is a complete skilled base game where users has to play Ludo game against each other by using their skills, strategy, concentration & planning.

In addition to this they added that Ludo Money has Chat system during game where players can talk to opponent while playing which makes it interesting & trustworthy that game is running between 2 real players only with no technology involved.

Ludo Money has 10 lakhs+ customers & females are also associated in large number due to the trust & safety of the company.

Vivek & Akhand, the owners of Ludo Money remain silent on their Company’s Net worth & said that they are been approached by various VC’s & Investors but they are not willing to dilute any equity. However, the Ultra Luxury lifestyle of both the founders & the massive customer base of Ludo Money itself shows its grand success. Akhand loves to ride motorbikes & owns a Harley Davidson 883 along with other sports bikes & luxury cars.

Recently on Ludo Money’s 5th Anniversary, they launched various offers & bonuses to their users & also Launched Ludo Money Partner Program where people can earn money without playing also.

Ludo Money gives Signup Bonus, Referral Bonus & Daily Leaderboard Rewards & has All Payment methods available in India which makes it safe & secure to play.

Player can instantly withdraw all of his amount into his Bank Account or on UPI Id as Ludo Money has Single Wallet System which is missing in every game across industry.

Ludo Money Claims to be most transparent, safe & trustworthy platform compared to other games as it has 24*7 Customer Support, In Game Chat system, Single Wallet System, Traditional & simple Ludo game play. So if you are a Ludo Player & wants to play online with real players, then Ludo Money should be best choice for you & you can directly download it from www.ludomoney.com