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Meet DJ Anik Desai, walking his way to the top in the world of music and how.

DJ Anik Desai

DJ Anik Desai

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He has already garnered a massive base of fans and followers, thanks to the unique musical vibe he offers his audiences with his incredible music sets and performances.

No matter how much ever we speak about a few individuals and professionals exceeding boundaries and making every possible effort to have the edge over their competitors, it still feels that many more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their brilliance and genius. It is necessary to put more light on the successes and journeys of these self-made and self-driven professionals, who, even as youngsters, pave their own path to success and growth, just like DJ Anik Desai has done in the vast and ever-evolving world of music in India.

This young lad, who is all of 25 years of age, has grown to be known as one of the coolest DJs and Producers from India. He is also known as a music artist and an Indian touring DJ from Goa. People over the years have gotten hooked on his musical sets and performances at some of the most happening venues in the state. What also stands unique in his discography is his innate skill and talent for blending different music genres and creating an incredible music set that compels people to hit the dance floor.

People go crazy when DJ Anik Desai plays as he makes sure to keep offering uniqueness through his DJing performances, catering to the needs and vibe of the crowd. The Goan talent, born on 15th September 1997, graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa. As a growing-up kid, he felt more inclined toward everything music, and that attracted him towards DJing. Today, he is a full-time DJ, producer, and music artist, who creates mesmerizing yet foot-tapping tracks in genres like Hip-Hop Bounce and House Music.

DJ Anik Desai recalls how as soon as completing his school, he was out there starting his journey as a DJ. Being on stage or performing in front of large crowds has become his passion today, and thus he never leaves a stone unturned in giving partygoers and music lovers an experience to remember with each of his performances.

Do check out his Instagram @anikdesaiofficial to know more.