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Alex Wolfe, Eons, Circadian Wellness,
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New biotech wellness company

Eons, focused on high-quality mushroom ingredients and

proprietary delivery mechanisms, launches as the first-in-class

functional mushroom supplements brand. Founded by Alex

Wolfe, Concordia Summit Ambassador for Mental Health and

Wellness, EONS’ mission is to bring high-quality mushrooms into

the wellness space. Its mushroom product line, which will kick

off with SMART MUSHROOM COFFEE, offers a variety of

advanced adaptogenic and nootropic formulations to help you

sleep, boost your energy and immunity, ease anxiety and

increase focus.

Eons’ SMART MUSHROOM COFFEE is a proprietary blend where

each ingredient works together to maximize focus, energy, and

calmness. Using FDA-approved ingredients such as Vitamin B3,

Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha Root Extract, and L-Theanine, EONS

On November 3, Wolfe will be speaking on “Functional Mushrooms and the Gut Brain Axis” at

Psychedelic Conference Wonderland to share his extensive knowledge of the connectivity within

the body and how certain functional mushrooms can support a healthy, balanced gut. Co-founder

of Circadian Wellness, Wolfe is known for being a bio-hacking enthusiast, a disciple of plant

medicine, and a believer that nature contains everything we need for a healthy, beautiful, and

meaningful life.

Wolfe will be speaking alongside industry professionals such as psyhedelic pioneer Paul Stamets,

NBA Champion and Mental Health Advocate Lamar Odom, Psychedelic science advocate Rick

Doblin, Netflix Have a Good Trip film director Donick Cary, and UFC Hall of Fame and Umbo

founder Rashad Evans. The conference will showcase the massive scientific advances, explosive

growth, and inspiring patient stories that have made this the fastest growing sector in wellness

and medicine.

Back for a second year, Wonderland will be hosting some of the industry’s leading founders,

researchers, and thought leaders to speak to the future of psychedelics and its capabilities. Over

the course of three days, talks will include Healing Trauma + ACEs with Psychedelics in BIPOC

Communities, Psychedelics and Sobriety, The Future of Psychedelic Medicine, Ending the War on

Drugs, and Psilocybin in the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

About Eons

Eons, Founded by Alex Wolfe in 2022, is a biotech wellness brand that uses functional mushrooms

to enhance the quality of your life. Its Mushroom product line, including gummies and mushroom

coffee, offers a variety of advanced adaptogenic and nootropic formulations to help you sleep, to

boost your energy and immunity, to ease anxiety, and increase focus.

About Wonderland

Wonderland offers the psychedelic medicine industry a unique in-person convergence of business,

science, music, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth,

Wonderland: Miami is the premier destination for the psychedelic medicine industry. The event is a

thought-leadership platform and an opportunity to connect with influential leaders in science

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mr.alexwolfe?igshid=N2ZiY2E3YmU=