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Innovative Kerala based Entrepreneur ignites new Economical and Technological revolution

Safeer Najumudeen,
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Building a startup is one thing, but this entrepreneur here is set to build a whole new startup ecosystem!

Mr Safeer Najumudeen, a software engineer and ethical hacker turned entrepreneur began his entrepreneurial journey inspired by a simple thought that ‘Why can’t we build tech giants like Meta, Amazon, etc from our state?’

This isn’t something nobody has ever thought about, but the difference here is that he actually started working on it.

With the realization of how a startup ecosystem like Silicon Valley aided the growth of numerous startups which changed the world forever, he took up a mission to build a similar ecosystem in Kerala.

The journey of Safeer Najumudeen towards this goal began in 2015 which later led him to founding Talrop in 2017. He is not alone in this. There is a team of 6 Directors, Co-founders of 15 startups, and 1000+ team members behind him.

To strengthen the foundation of this startup ecosystem, a technology and entrepreneurship hub named Techies Park is being established in all 140 assembly constituencies of Kerala, along with that, 140 highly scalable technology startups are being launched. 

Currently, 15 startups have been launched and 6 Techies Park has started their operation and has become the center of innovation in those constituencies. In the coming year, 60 more Techies Parks will be established.

This startup ecosystem that focuses on education, technology, entrepreneurship, and the job is sure to ignite a new economic revolution in Kerala and escalate Kerala to become the face of innovation and development of the country.