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Bitcoin NXT – A Beginner’s Guide 2023

Bitcoin NXT

Bitcoin NXT

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Bitcoin NXT is the latest coin in the Bitcoin Series after Bitcoin CASH, Bitcoin GOLD & Bitcoin DIAMOND.

KIND ATTENTION – The main difference between Bitcoin NXT & its predecessors is that it is NOT a HARD FORK, so the earlier BTC community will get nothing and peers who are logging on with us in the initial phase of BITCOIN NXT will be eligible to get the FREE AIRDROPS & can buy in the pre-launch rates.

At the beginning of 2021, renewed interest in dogecoin spurred by the Wallstreet bets subreddit breathed new life into meme coins,particularly those emblazoned with Shiba Inu dogs. At the time, Elon Musk was a major proponent, fueling the rise of Dogecoin through many tweets around dogs and cryptocurrency to his 65 million followers than.

In part, this helped the “joke” cryptocurrency climb to a top ten position by market capitalization and reach a peak of $0.74 per coin.

Following the explosive success of Dogecoin (DOGE), which saw gains of 15,800% between Jan. 1 and May 8, investors began looking for the next viral sensation.

In the meanwhile, Elon Musk bought BITCOIN through TESLA in holding and announced to take BITCOIN in TESLA for payments for its famous EV, showing the world, the importance of BITCOIN & after a few months he reversed his earlier decision and BITCOIN was no longer being accepted as payments in TESLA, the reason given was the GLOBAL WARMING from the BITCOIN MINING.

He sold some of the holdings too which started the downward trend for BITCOIN Price.

This initiative is much-needed action for today as mining of Bitcoin became a big environmental issue and became responsible for global warming.

A team of developers led by SASAKI.W. NIAM already identified the above shortcoming of BITCOIN along with a few more points.

Another big shortcoming of BITCOIN is/was , Mining infrastructure becoming more and more expensive and producing extreme Carbon emissions which created Global Warming.

This team of Bitcoin NXT developers started working on this project in DECEMBER 2020 with the sole purpose of bettering the BITCOIN SHORTCOMINGS since its inception in 2008.

How BitcoinNxt Works

Some of the Features of BTCNXT as compared to the standard blockchain world

Globally- Fast  Transact in a second, confirm in a minute.

Most- Secured  Transact privately in an encrypted method.

 Reliable – A congestion-free network.

Energy Efficient- BitcoinNxt uses the Proof of Stake algorithm and uses very less electricity.

Low Fees-  Near zero transaction fee

Decentralized – Anyone with a PC can stake to earn BitcoinNxt .

Eco Friendly

3 Factor Security System

3 Layer of Security System

Multiple Awareness Campaign

And many more….

Why Proof of Stake?

This method for accomplishing agreement was first recommended by Quantum Mechanics here and later Sunny King and his companion composed a paper on it.

Proof of Stake as compared to POW saves a lot of energy & needs just a regular PC or LAPTOP as equipment to mine & stake.

Additional features of BTCNXT it’s going to be one of the fastest, most secure & reliable cryptosystems in the world, its low fees will be competitive most among its contemporaries.

Free Airdrop System

We are coming up with free airdrop of BTCNXT at various levels of our introduction and referral program for example when you read this article and use the referral code BTCNXT0010 to sign up to our website https://www.bitcoinnxt.org, you get 1 BTCNXT Free Airdrop as soon as you sign up and subscribe our official telegram channel https://t.me/BitcoinNxt_BitcoinVersion2 and follow the official Twitter account https://twitter.com/BitcoinVersion2 you will get 10 more BTCNXT Free Airdrop in your login account.

It means you have a chance of getting 11 BTCNXT in your bucket just by registering and becoming a part of the awareness campaign.

Now in the next step, you have to get your friends to register on our website, per successful registration, you will be getting 1 BTCNXT as Free Airdrop.

Last but not least chance to avail the free airdrop is here if you record a self-video of you promoting BTCNXT and upload it on your Twitter account by tagging us you will get an additional 20 BTCNXT as a reward.

Buy soon as rates going up in two weeks from the publishing of this article.