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Best Youngest street mentalist of India

Best Youngest street mentalist of India
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The Youngest street mentalist of India Award for the year 2022 is achieved by a 23 year old boy named Amaljith.

This guy who makes now all the keralities proud with his achievement owns to the place vallakadav in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala and moreover he is a disciple of the famous magician Mr.Gopinath Mudhukad.

Amaljith is also skilled at mentalism other than the world of magic this makes him special and extraordinary at this young age.

Within the smal -scale of time he was able to present his talent over thousands of events but the way to reach here was not easy for him.His special thanks and gratitude towards his idol Gopinath Mudhukad for making him what he is today was expressed in different occasions.

From childhood onwards amal dreamt of being a well known magician but due to his financial background of his family it was a challenge for him to fetch his desire to become a magician.But as it says God is always there to help us that almighty and fate suprised him with something else.
At the age of 11 he started the journey to the fantasy world he wish for with his super hero Gopinath Mudhukad. Later , as time passed the friendship he made with mentalist Aadhi helped him grew up to new heights of mentalism.

By making Gopinath Mudhukad and Aadhi as his role models at the age of 23 amal has reached a great success that is surely beyond his dreams. His magical wings are spreading all over the states and streets of India .

The famous thought “If we wish to achieve something and work hard to gain it the whole world will support to attain oru dream ” is reflected through the life of Amaljith as a model for all the youth’s who all wish to grab success steps and become unique on their dreams.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mentalist_amal?igshid=NjZiMGI4OTY=